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Generations Rangzen // 13/07/2008  // Agnès DHERBEYS
Lhoyang 82 yo from Doho in Kham. In Tashiling camp, Pokhara 29/11/08 I have met the Dalai Lama many times. The first time, I was still in Kham, it was on his way back from China. I can’t tell you when because you know in Tibet we didn’t use to count the days, the years… After the Chinese started to do the Thamzins (public humiliations, trials and murders). They took all from rich and poor. They said they will share it but of course they didn’t. Some would be beaten, tortured in public. Many got simply a shot in the back of their heads… There are soo many things that are hard to forget. I joined the Chushi Gandruk when I was in Lhasa. There was no happiness, everything was messed up inside the big city. The Chinese bombed the Nobulinga (summer palace) after the Dalai Lama had escaped. That night, he left Lhasa and I was one of the soldier who escorted him. It was a very dark night. When we first saw him, we didn’t recognized him: he was dressed with the traditional Chupa. It was a rush ride, tense. But I am ready proud to have been part of his escape”. En 2008 à Katmandu les tibétains ont manifesté contre l'occupation chinoise dans leur pays. Agnes Dherbeys / M.Y.O.P