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Generations Rangzen // 13/07/2008  // Agnès DHERBEYS
The Tibetan youth is pro Rangzen… But there is a whole other generation who actually took up guns and set up a resistance “Chushi Gandruk” against the Chinese in 1950’s and 1960’s, backed up by the CIA. Tamding Wangyal from Lithang 79 yo interviewed 26th of November 2008 “President, Leader” of Lodink Dhoten Thopka and leader of a group of around 9 000 fighters of the Tibetan resistance : all soldiers plus some monks, some women (100 wives of fighters) “I was a monk from 6yo to 18yo. I took my monk robe off at 18yo, and became a trader from 18 to 26, doing imports, exports, with China, India, within Tibet. I traveled all over, Kalimpong, China, Amdo, Lhasa. (which gave me a broader idea of the situation of the country. At the time, there was no radio no TV, nothing to know what was going on 50kms away or in Lhasa). We were a family of 5, 3 boys and 2 girls, I was the youngest. I was in Lhasa when I heard the terrifying news about Kham, and Lithang especially, my birth place. I remember well the Chinese arriving in Kham. They told us they came to help us, and bring peace to our country (which was at peace), and that they will leave after bringing us their support. My whole family had been killed by the PLA. There was no way I could go back. There were some small groups of resistance in the East Tibet, but they were not really organized. They would hold places for not more than 15 days max. In 1958 I voluntary joined the armed resistance, I was 27yo. We had to register in a place not far from Lhasa, Lokha, which set up as kind of an army base camp. Many Tibetans were already there, from different parts of the country. It was not that easy to register, because spies were feared. You had to be ‘recognized’ by someone who knew you, be recommended if you like. We received no training at the time. But during these days, if you came from Kham, you wouldn’t find one Khampa would didn’t know how to use a gun. Only few monks maybe didn’t know, and we had to teach them. In Kham everybody loves guns and swords. IF YOU DIDN’T HAVE A GUN, YOU HAD A SWORD. IF YOU DIDN’T EVEN HAD A SWORD, YOU WERE NOT A MAN. At the time, Tibet had no international support. No country would help us. We had to buy all by ourselves, so we did bought guns, horses… When some didn’t have enough to buy guns, we would share. To fight against the Chinese, I carried a NgaChang (5 bullets rifle), a 25 bullets automatic, and a 7bullets pistol. Only after 1959 we got rifles and mortars from the CIA. Tibetans were better fighters than the Chinese. We fought for our country, our families and our decimated land. When no bullet was left, we would fight with our sword. We were very brave, that’s the reality. We killed many Chinese soldiers… But in many ways, I feel it was also fooling us, because many of our bravest soldiers also died. The Chinese soldiers killed their own too : we witnessed soldiers being pushed by their superiors, if they were too scared to go on the front line, they would shoot them anyway! They were forced to go forward, it was really shocking to us. I have a lot of horror and happy stories to tell, sometimes we won, sometimes we lost… and at the end of the day, we did loose so many of our friends! I can’t even remember one very clearly this day. I remember being hungry, we had to feed the horses, we had nothing for ourselves, we couldn’t even hunt because we were at war… Sometimes we had to cook leather and eat it. When we had the chance to set up a camp and return to it after a battle, there would be nothing to eat, nothing to drink, noone to wait for us. Moral was low in these returns. The CIA dropped down to Mustand (Nepal) some good modern warfare weapons, and we went back by groups to Tibet to fight the Chinese. I myself went back twice, and the last time I stepped a foot into Tibet was in 1963. I am happy to be in Nepal. In 48 years I haven’t met one bad Nepali. The previous and current government are just too pressured by the Chinese… as the whole world economically. I know now that no country will ever help us. They won’t either support us if we choose a more violent approach to claim independence. I have been pro Rangzen all my life since the Chinese occupation. And these last year, I am following and understanding the middle way and the autonomy proned by the Dalai Lama: Tibet is already occupied by China, which is more and more powerful… The only option we have left is the middle way. If at least we can be saved, and be able to gather and live all together in an autonomous Tibet… Well, then the unity would mean a FREE TIBET. They cannot do anything worse than they have already. They have taken everything, there is nothing left to arm us. En 2008 à Katmandu les tibétains ont manifesté contre l'occupation chinoise dans leur pays. Agnes Dherbeys / M.Y.O.P