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Generations Rangzen // 13/07/2008  // Agnès DHERBEYS
Ngawang President of Women Association in Nepal at her home, December 2008 62 yo “My mother comes from near U-Tsang I have the Nepali citizenship, since my dad was a trader, I am actually born in Nepal, but I grew up in Tibet. You know, we used to have a good life. Everything was peaceful, we had so many yaks, and a lot of servants. My father would trade things we couldn’t get in Tibet, like saop, watches, sweets, clothes made in Nepal and India. He would then also sell goods from Tibet, Yaks blankets, salt, dried Tibetan meat. We were wealthy, and this is why we had to escape from the Chinese in 1959. I remember the escape, we were frizzing cold, there had been one major land-snow slide where I almost died in. The Women Association is born in the 80’s, on the suggestion of HH Dalai Lama Our main purpose is social work: we look after women whom husband mistreat, we hep them with the kids by finding Westerners sponsors for their school fee, among other social work. There is not much future for our children in Nepal. They are way too much pressured by the Chinese government. Did you see two days ago? The Chinese Foreign minister paid a visit to Nepal and promised a big amount of money for the relationship between both countries in trading. On the 19th of June 2008, I was arrested by Nepali police. I haven’t been to protest at all in front of the embassy, but because before our association took part into releasing news and letters about what is going on in Tibet, they somehow thought I was involved. 10 to 15 people showed up at my home, I was not even dressed, I was about to pray. They took me, they kept my mobile tlephone. 2 others Tibetans were arrested, and no one knew where we were. No explanation was given to us either. Eventually we were charged for protesting in favour of HH DL and stir up public order. My husband made a law case… and seak the support of Westerners Embassies (Germnay, Denmaark, France, Norway) and UNHCR. Two Maoist lawyers even offered their service. We went to the Supreme court. Because we had done nothing, after 19 days the case was dismissed. But in jail, they had put us with the real criminals! Can you imagine a woman like me, so old in the middle of this crowd! But actually everybody was so nice to us”. En 2008 à Katmandu les tibétains ont manifesté contre l'occupation chinoise dans leur pays. Agnes Dherbeys / M.Y.O.P