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Generations Rangzen // 13/07/2008  // Agnès DHERBEYS
Tibetan women protest against Chinese occupation, Boddhanath 10th March 2009 On the left, Kunsang Paldon, 25yo: “I am born in the camp. This year 2008 was the beginning of my engagement for our country. I came to know so much more about the Tibetan situation after the violence and murders of March this year! I guess before I was too young and my parents never really passed on our heritage to me. Though I have always felt Tibetan: the Buddhist sympathy make us a little different than other people. For instance Hindus and Buddhists don’t hurt animals. We try to not harm others. Of course some Tibetans are bad but in general we are compassionate. I raise my kid alone for instance: her father has left us, but I am not angry. In our community, people tend to feel sorry for single mothers. They are not judgmental and they give me so many advices. Really, I do manage to raise her properly thanks to my work at the Tibetan Carpet factory. I am not worried. I didn’t keep counts of how many protests I went this year. I was never scared in spite of the kicking by the police, or Nepali guys trying to touch women chests: simply I just thought of Tibet! I even left my 3yo daughter at home, and could almost forget about her! But you know, If I went to the protests, at the end of the day it is ALSO for my daughter. Maybe in her own time, Tibet will be free”. En 2008 à Katmandu les tibétains ont manifesté contre l'occupation chinoise dans leur pays. Agnes Dherbeys / M.Y.O.P