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Lichk a perdu ses hommes/ Lichk lost its men Lichk lost its men // Septembre 2013  // Julien PEBREL
16/09/13 - Ruzanna, une habitante du village. Son mari fait des allers-retours pour travailler en Russie depuis 15 ans. Elle a deux fils, le plus grand Gore (22 ans) travaille aussi en Russie depuis la fin de son service militaire et l'autre Valodia (19 ans) fait son service. Sa fille Gohar 15 ans vit avec elle. 09/16/13 - Ruzanna, a villager. For the last fifteen years, her husband is going back and forth to work in Russia. She has two son, the oldest Gore (22) is also working in Russia since he finished his military service. Valodia (19) is doing his service. Gohar, her 15 years old daughter lives with her.